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Operational Principle of Ball Mill

Usually, ceramics factories use intermittent ball mill. Within ball mill loaded with grinding media (silica pebbles or alumina balls), raw materials and some water. When the inner tube turns around under the effect of motor, the grinding media will move around closely up to the inner wall, under the effect of gravitation. When all the materials reach to a certain height, they will drop at a certain speed. During the above process, the raw materials within the inner tube will be crushed up by grinding media.

Rotary Speed of Ball Mill

Rotary speed of ball mill plays an important role in ball grinding efficiency. If the ball mill rotates at the speed of critical or higher, there will not be any smashing effect. Both theory and practice have proven that critical speed of ball mill is:

V critical=32/√D D:Diameter of ball mill(m), operating speed V=V critical x (0.7-0.9) r/min. For big tonnage mill, lower limit should be taken, and for small tonnage ball mill, upper limit should be taken.

Special Remarks

1. Technical data of products are of average values measured with standards test and will vary within a certain range.

2. Calculation formulas adopted are the critical derivation formula. Our technicians will help you at any time in solving related problems of lining and grading of ball mill according to practical situation.