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Guide for installation of ball mill lining bricks

Before installing, remove all the remaining pieces of the previously installed bricks and cement from the internal surface of ball mill. Roughen smooth surface and fix damaged iron shell with electric welding tool.


The installation gap should be within 1mm, using 425# white cement and 107# glue as combining glue.


Installation begins from side walls. Side wall will be installed with rectangle bricks totally. Then come to the cylinder installation. Use rectangle bricks and ladder type bricks in pairs. One rectangle brick following with one ladder type brick to ensure the bricks stick to the inner wall of ball mill closely. Until the last bit, if the regular size of bricks can not be fit in, use thin blocks. After finishing installation, clean up the surface.


To ensure the cement perform the maximum cohesion and intensity, spry water on the surface in the first two days. Then fill up the ball mill with water for 10 days.