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Calculation of Lining Brick Used in Ball Mill

1.Side Wall:

Gf=π r 2 d . H. 2 ÷ 1000 Gf: weight of rectangle brick(kg) r: radius of cylinder of ball mill(cm) H: thickness of lining brick(cm) d: density of lining brick(g/cm3)


Gc=π D. L. H. D ÷ 1000

Gc: weight of rectangle brick and ladder type brick (kg)

D: diameter of cylinder of ball mill (cm)

L: length of ball mill (cm)

d: density of lining brick (cm3)

 H: thickness of lining brick (cm)

Charge and Grading of Alumina Ball

During wet grinding process, when charge of grinding ball is up to 55% of net volume of ball mill, the best status can be realized, and the weight of grinding ball within the ball mill can be estimated with formula:

G= π r2 d ۰ L ۰ 25% ÷ 1000

G: charge of alumina ball(kg)

r: radius of ball mill(cm)

d: specific gravity of alumina ball(g/cm3)

L: length of ball mill(cm)

 Due to the difference of grinding aides of ball mill, the above formula varies. Normally, the initial ball charge ratio of ball mill is: large size ball 30%, middle size ball 40%, small size ball 30% depending on the granularity of materials to be ground. Diameter and rotary speed of bal mill should also be considered. Wet ball mill smashes materials mainly through grinding instead of crushing. Therefore the amount of large size grinding ball should be properly reduced and the amount of middle size ball and small size ball should be increased so as to guarantee a better grinding effect. Loading ability of ball mill relies on type of the mill. Therefore the above rules is not suitable for dry grinding process.

Quantity of Lining Brick Required for Various Ball Mill

Specification of ball mill (cm) Weight(kg) Type Thickness of inner lining brick Ratio (rectangle: trapezoid)
4cm 6cm 7cm 10cm
ø95 X L:102 ball mill(0.3ton) 580 870 1015   1:5
ø130 X L:150 ball mill(0.5ton) 1200 1700 2045   1:5
ø150 X L:180 ball mill(1ton) 1600 2400 2800 4000 1:2
ø180 X L:260 ball mill(3ton) 2300 3400 3950 5700 1:1
ø200 X L:260 ball mill(3ton) 3100 4600 5370 7600 2:1
ø245 X L:300 ball mill(5ton)   6700 7800 11000 3:1
ø285 X L:400 ball mill(8ton)   11000 13000 18000 4:1