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Gaoteng Flint Pebbles Process Procedures
2013-03-01Source:Author:DaLian GaoTengClicks:1512

Flint pebbles are Gaoteng's main product. We process silica pebbles in our factory over 10000 ton per year.
We mining the silica mine as the first step. Then we sort different size of silica rocks. Our professional workers will pick up the proper size of silica rock as silica pebbles preform to be ground.
Then we put the silica pebbles preform into our grinding ball mill.
In the end, we screen different size of ground silica pebbles.
Silica pebbles are the most economical and wonderful grinding media for ceramics. With its SiO2 content of 99.31% and Fe2O3 content 0.018%, Gaoteng silica pebbles are widely used in worldwide ceramic factories.