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Introduction to the installation of ball mill lining bricks
2022-02-23Source:Dalian GaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:704

As a manufacturer and supplier of ball mill lining bricks, Dalian Gaoteng not only provides customers with superior quality products, but also provides customers with high-quality services, and can provide professional technical support to solve problems for customers. For the installation of liner bricks, the following suggestions are for your reference:


1. First, clean the inside of the ball mill to remove residues, and roughen the smooth surface to improve the bonding effect.


2. Next, start the installation of the lining bricks, starting from the sidewall. According to the drawings, the upper and lower rows must be installed with staggered joints. The bricks on the upper layer are overlapped and pressed on the joints of the two bricks below. Every time a lining brick is installed, it should be gently tapped with a rubber hammer or a mallet, so that the adhesive is evenly distributed between the brick and the brick, and the brick and the cylinder wall to ensure the bonding quality.


3. After installing the two sidewalls, according to the drawing, start to install the cylinder, the method is the same as the installation of the sidewall.