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Why Silica Stone Suitable For Glass Industry
2021-03-19Source:Dalian GaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:305


Silica stone is a mineral which mainly content is quartz, and it's a main name of blocky SiO2 material, usually play an important part in glass industries, such as quartz glass,Microcrystalline glass, borosilicate glass, ordinary float glass, aluminosilicate glass,etc. 


According to the formation and crystalline state, quartz stone can divide into two kinds: crytal silica stone and cemented silica stone. 


The quality can be distinguished by the contents of silica, iron, alumina, titanium, etc.The hardness of silica stone is higher relatively, when it's used as material, we should know its feature of fragility and its crystalline structure.  


For glass industry, silica stone is main material to get SiO2.Optical glass has high request for the content of Iron, it must less than 0.02%, while for normal flat glass as well as bottles, iron content less than 0.2% is acceptable. 


During the processing of high temperature glass, silica stone is also necessary, high purity silica stone is the main material for producing quartz glass. Except silcia stone, quartz, limestone are used as good material for producing glass.