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Lightweight insulating bricks(3)
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Lightweight mullite insulating brick






Mullite insulation bricks can be used as working lining, which contact with flames directly. This kind of brick can save the kiln energy.

Clay clinker or light clinker and plastic clay are as the main principle, usually using combustible method of production, chemical or foam can also be used to form a porous structure.

Normal used mullite polished brick with volume density around 0.75-1.20g/cm², compressive strength is 2.0-5.9MPa, thermal conductivity of 0.221-0.442W/ m· k) (1350 ℃).








Feature of lightweight mullite insulating bricks


Mullite poly light brick is mainly used in a variety of industrial kilns,do not touch the melt and no erosion of the role of gas insulation material the use of temperature 1200-1400 ℃.

Low thermal conductivity

High cold crushing strength

Perfect Energy saving

Stable volume

Excellent heat insulation

High intensity for pressure

Good thermal shock stability