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Gaoteng Silex Lining Bricks
2020-09-25Source:Dalian GaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:380

Gaoteng Silex Lining Bricks has been exported to Japan stably for a long time, and received good comments from customers. To serve customers better and adapt to the market, our company can provide lining bricks as following:

1) According to processing mode: hand-made & machine cutting
2) According to shape of blocks: rectangular lining bricks & trapezoidal lining bricks


For hand-made silex lining bricks, the stone with hidden cracks will be broken during the beating process. Thus, finished blocks will be more stable and won't be broken easily.

For machine cutting ones, with smoother surface & more regular shape, it will be more easier to install.The price of rectangular lining brick is more favourable, can be acceptable for most plants.


Compared with rectangular lining bricks, the trapezoidal ones during the isntallation, the bonding degree is good, the gaps will be more smaller, extend the service life of lining brick, and improve work efficiency.

Gaoteng has always been sincere to every customer, feel the demands of customers, and constantly improve the ability to serve customers, to provide customers with the best products and services.