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Production News——Silex Lining Bricks
2020-03-04Source:Dalian GaotengAuthor:Dalian GaotengClicks:582

Production News--Silex Lining Bricks



We have engaged in exporting silex lining bricks for nearly 20 years, have rich experience in selecting bricks' raw materials, processing, packing and sailing, with our own mine, the workers who have more than thirty years experience and sites, so we can control the whole process of product quality, and send photos to customers for confirmation before shipment.


Silex lining bricks for ball mill lining, the main purpose is to protect the machine and play a role in grinding raw materials, general ceramic products need silex lining bricks with wear resistance, high hardness, low abrasion.And quartz products to ensure the final product of the clean and whiteness, the requirements of silex lining bricks is higher, in the wear-resistant hardness of high wear on the basis of small, the whiteness and purity of the stone lining also have certain requirements.


In our stock, has a batch of raw materials with good whiteness, are suitable for grinding quartz products.Below is the picture and the product link of  Silex Lining Bricks/Silex Blocks